Individual Clients

We are committed to fostering deep, robust, personal relationships & customized solutions by:

  • Our Commitment Solutions

    Our Commitment Solutions

    • Flexibility tailored to your specific needs
    • Dedicated team of experienced support staff led by high-quality advisors
    • Highly personalized service
    • Innovative and customized solutions enables us to tackle some of your most complex  challenges, such as the sale of concentrated positions or a highly tax sensitive issue.
    • Committed to serving your best interests by working closely with you, your family and your personal advisors to help reduce taxes, fund education, plan for retirement and create the legacy you want.


  • Setting Realistic Financial Goals

    Setting Realistic Financial Goals

    We start every relationship by exploring your financial situation, expectations and income needs, risk tolerance and time horizon.

  • Customized Investment Plan

    Customized Investment Plan

    We start by asking you questions and then we listen. Where do you want to be in the future? What would you like to be doing when you retire? We know all of these answers may change over time. That is why listening is just one of the many things we do best at Hudson Valley Investment Advisors. A portfolio is created based on your unique investment objective. Working with you your Portfolio Manager creates an investment plan. Together you set the overall strategy and guidelines for the portfolio, identify the different asset classes and the investment style that reflect your objectives.

  • Building the Optimal Portfolio

    Building the Optimal Portfolio

    We build a diversified portfolio of individual securities mainly using equities, fixed income, and mutual funds.

  • Monitoring Performance

    Monitoring Performance

    Every quarter you receive a package that details our current economic view, the current status of your portfolio, and your account’s performance.

  • Rebalancing the Portfolio

    Rebalancing the Portfolio

    As your needs change, it is important that your portfolio reflects those changes. Your Portfolio Manager will revisit your financial goals and objectives annually, sooner if needed, to assure your portfolio matches your updated objectives and goals as well as changes in our market forecast.