Our Process

Individualized attention addresses a client’s needs, even when changed. Our investment team tailors a portfolio specific your unique investment objectives.

  • Fundamental Research

    Fundamental Research

    • The overall economy is the main driver of returns it sets the foundation.
    • HVIA gains information directly from sources that include, the Federal Reserve, Economic Consultants, and institutional research groups.
    • We develop a mosaic of information to help guide our overall process.


  • Equity Selection

    Equity Selection

    • Hudson Valley Investment Advisors, Inc. are GARP investors. (Growth At A Reasonable Price).
    • It starts with buying  stocks in sectors with high expected growth metrics vs the overall market.
    • We use a return on equity ratio to look into company attributes.
    • We look at management, business models,  market position, cash flow levels, profitability, and expense ratios.
    • We compare them to their competition to find an advantage.



  • Fixed Income Selection

    Fixed Income Selection

    • We start with a top down forecast to determine an interest rate view.
    • Our overall view on the economy and interest rates impact the risk profile of the individual portfolio.
    • All things being equal we prefer to buy quality for our clients, we remain disciplined about getting paid adequately for any risk that we take.
    • We have the ability to purchase and sell bonds through major institutional desks. By purchasing in volume, where applicable, we can provide better pricing for our clients.
  • Portfolio Risk Mitigation

    Portfolio Risk Mitigation

    • We believe in balance and diversification among major assets classes.
    • Diversification within market capitalization, sectors, and industries are also taken into consideration.
    • HVIA utilizes risk factor models in order to better understand the model portfolio’s risk characteristics to limit downside impact to changing market conditions.



  • Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing

    Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing

    • Our Investment Policy Committee meets weekly to discuss and review our strategic and tactical portfolio allocation.
    • When required our portfolios are rebalanced to take advantage of ever changing economic trends.