How we work

At Hudson Valley Investment Advisors we are committed to providing advice, personal service and customized solutions to help clients in today’s complex environment.

  • Tailored to Fit your Specific Needs

    Tailored to Fit your Specific Needs

    Flexibility is important. Needs and goals change and a financial advisor should be able to help you succeed in preparing for life’s financial challenges.

  • Backed by a Dedicated Team

    Backed by a Dedicated Team

    Dedication is at the heart of all of our client relationships. Our team of experienced portfolio managers and client service professionals understand that you have unique responsibilities, needs, and objectives and will be there with you through every step of the journey. There is no call center. When you call Hudson Valley Investment Advisors, you are connecting with someone who knows you and your account.


  • Personalized Service

    Personalized Service

    We understand that each client is unique and we tailor our client service to best meet those needs. Our client service professionals are here to help through the entire process by;

    • Account Opening – determining the right account, ensuring the paperwork is completed correctly, monitoring asset transfers, beneficiary information, to ensure a seamless transition
    • Account Servicing – deposits / withdrawals, check writing / debit card capabilities, updating account information,
    • Communication – phone, in-person meetings, web conferences, monthly custodian statements, quarterly advisor statements, account reviews,
    • Working with Outside Professionals – CPAs, Attorneys, Trustees, Directors, to ensure comprehensive execution of your investment objectives


  • Innovative & Customized Solutions

    Innovative & Customized Solutions

    Throughout the 25 years of the firm’s existence, we have seen a variety of complex investment challenges. That is why we are committed to serving your best interests by working closely with you, your family. and your professional advisors to help reduce taxes, fund education, plan for retirement, and create the legacy you want.

  • Committed to Serving your Best Interests

    Committed to Serving your Best Interests

    Since the firm’s inception, we have taken our fiduciary duty very seriously. We understand that trust is imperative and we work every day to build a deeper and stronger relationship. In the end, we succeed when you succeed in meeting your goals.